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Celebrating our Burhill Bees

Did you know Burhill has its own Bee Lodge, funded by Friends of Burhill School, installed in our apiary?

This lodge allows our children to be involved with our bees and learn about their importance. Check out the photos below.

To celebrate our brilliant Burhill bees we have some bee activities you could do.


Did you know that bees are responsible for one third of every bite that we eat?!

Friends of Burhill love these stripey insects and that is why there has been an apiary at Burhill School since 1989.   We have 5 hives housing honey bee colonies.  The apiary is at the far end of the astroturf sports pitch.

In 2018 over 100lbs of Burhill School Honey was produced! -  

Honey is for sale from the school reception. Subject to availability.  All money from sales of Burhill Honey is ploughed back into the apiary for hive repairs, new bee suits, honey jars and more!​

You can find out more information about the fascinating world of bees  on the BBC website


If you would like to get involved, some of the ways include:

Learn the skill of bee keeping, clean honey jars, prune and plant bee friendly plants, help us to maintain the sheds and fences around the apiary!

Please get in touch with Charlotte if you are interested in helping:


Here are some activities you can take part in!

Let's 'bee' creative!
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