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Our Achievements

Every penny of our fundraising is put back into benefiting the children of Burhill.   


In December 2020 we funded the purchase of 1200 books for the book corners in all the classrooms.  We have also funded a new teaching and working shed for our bee keeper so more children can learn about the importance of bees.

For the Autumn term 2020 we funded the term contributions, to take pressure off the Burhill families at this difficult time. 

 In recent years we have also installed the outdoor theatre, reading den and shade sails in the playground and purchased musical instruments, school books and sports uniforms.  

FoBS also provide regular funding for the upkeep of the chickens, bees and school gardens. We supply festive treats such as Easter eggs, Christmas presents, crackers and sports day lollies.  Since the expansion of the school we have also funded leavers celebrations for Year 6.

Please see our newsletters for all the other smaller things we have also funded recently.


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