FoBS Committee Members

FoBS Committee Members


Fiona Fry


Fiona brings a wealth of school experince to her role, where she leads our team of volunteers and coordinates with school. She has a daughter in Year 5 as well as two other children.


Richard Bell


Richard shares the Treasurer role, bringing his wealth of business knowledge and experience. He has two children in Reception and Year 2.


Sarah Bax


Sarah is a researcher in her day job and she loves to organise. She will combine these skills with her passion for Burhill  in her role as secretary. She has two daughters in Years 5 and at a local secondary school.

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Emma Cairns

Class Rep Coordinator

Emma has been a FoBS volunteer ever since her children, now in Years 2 and 5, joined Burhill. She works as an LSA in Year 3 and does the vital role for FoBS of coordinating with all of our Class Reps.


Trilby Fox-Rumley

Vice Chair

Trilby supports our Chairperson in all aspects of FoBS activities and brings enthusiasm by the bucketload! She has twin boys in Year 1, as well as a younger daughter who is her full time sidekick at home.


Katie Lister


Katie is a former Chartered Accountant and web designer, applying both skills to her roles as Co-Treasurer and maintaining the FoBS website. She has two children in Year 1 and Year 3.


James Johnson


James is an experienced trustee having previously served on the Commitee at Burwood Preschool. He has two children in Years 3 and 5 and a with baby at home too, James is set to be a Burhill parent for many years!


Jen Dady


Jen has two children currently at Burhill in Nursery and Year 5. After being a Class Rep for a number of years, she now brings experience from her Marketing background to help us achieve the goals of FoBS.



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