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The Robin - 24 November 2019

Dear All,

Hello and welcome to your weekly FoBS update.

Santa's Grotto and Christmas Fair Photo Booth Booking - This year at the Christmas Fair, as well as the ever-popular Santa's Grotto, we will be having a Family Fun Photo Booth (posters containing further information are attached). There are still a few tickets left for both activities so if you didn't manage to get yours last week, drop us a line (reps@friendsofburhillschool for Grotto tickets and for Photo Booth tickets).

Mufti Day - A reminder that Friday 29 November is Mufti Day where we ask all children to bring in donations for our popular tombolas at the Christmas Fair in return for coming into school in their normal clothes. Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are asked for donations to the sweet tombola (boxes of chocolates, bags of sweets etc) and Years 3 to 6 are asked to donate to the alcohol tombola (anything you like as long as it's alcoholic - if you don't want to donate alcohol please donate to the sweet tombola instead). Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Volunteering at the Christmas Fair - Class stall allocations for the Christmas Fair are almost complete and your reps will have details for you in the next few days. Please do consider coming to help, even if it's only for half an hour. If the slot you're available has already been taken by someone else from your class, never fear! The fabulous Fair Committee will be very happy to point you in the direction of another stall that needs an extra pair of hands. We also really need people to help set up beforehand and clear away afterwards - don't worry about finding childcare, we're more than happy for you to bring your children along to help!

Christmas Fair Treasure Jars - A reminder that we are asking people for filled Treasure Jars to stock our stall at the Christmas Fair. Collect up your empty jars and fill them up with goodies - small toys, sweets, stickers, anything a primary-aged child would enjoy. Then decorate your jars with whatever you like to make them look really festive! Hold onto your completed jars and bring them into school on Mufti Day or during the week leading up to the Fair - trolleys will be at both entrances each day that week for donations.

Christmas Jumper/Costume Donations - We would still love to receive donations of outgrown Christmas Jumpers and Nativity costumes. If you've got something you'd like to give, just reply to this email and someone will be in touch to organise picking it up from you.

Christmas Decorations - Every year, FoBS is tasked with decorating the school for Christmas. We always get this done after close of play one day so the children get a big surprise the next time they come into school. This year we will be decorating from 3:30pm this Friday, 29 November. We'd love as many people as possible to join in with this, so if you're available please do come and help. You can bring your children with you if you like. Decorating is such fun and everyone in school really does appreciate everything suddenly looking festive. If you have any unwanted decorations you'd like to pass on, these would also be much appreciated - some of our stash is starting to look a little shabby!

Dates for your Diary 29 November - Mufti Day 29 November after school - Year 4 Cake Sale 29 November 3:30pm onwards - decorating the school for Christmas 7 December 11am - 2pm - Christmas Fair

FoBS Volunteers WhatsApp Group - If you think you might be able to spare a bit of time occasionally, even if it's only half an hour, why not join our Volunteers WhatsApp Group? Whenever we need people to lend a hand, be it helping to supply refreshments at a meeting or delivering leaflets to advertise our events, we post to the group and if you're available, you just let us know. No pressure! To join the group, simply reply to this email and include your name, child's name and class and your phone number.

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely week!


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