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The Robin - 2 February 2020

Dear All,

Welcome to the latest FoBS newsletter!

FoBS Spending - Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to provide us with suggestions of what we could be spending our money on. There were some fantastic ideas and several were mentioned by more than one person, so we should have a good healthy list of options for you all to vote on. We're still collating responses but should be able to send out a poll next weekend in time for everyone to cast their votes before our next FoBS meeting (see below for date and time).

Volunteer Project Managers - As you know, when we have a fundraising event coming up we try to source volunteers via our lovely Class Reps. This works a lot of the time, but on occasion (such as this year's Fireworks and Christmas Fair) reps experience a lot of difficulty filling their time slots. We have therefore been discussing different ways of staffing our stalls and activities. Instead of always allocating one stall to one class, we wondered if any of you would be interested in project-managing a specific activity and sourcing volunteers from amongst your friends (not necessarily just those from your class)? For example, we have a group of volunteers who manage the bottle tombolas at both Christmas and Summer Fairs each year, and several people who have approached us in the past offering to run the bar at various events. Perhaps you would enjoy managing the raffle, or running a set-up or clear-away team? Let us know!

Cake Sale - This Friday Year 3 will be holding a cake sale. Make sure to bring some spare change with you to afternoon pick-up and you can treat yourselves to some yummy (nut-free) treats to celebrate the start of the weekend! Year 3 families please look out for messages from your Class Reps about contributions to the sale - even if you won't have time to bake, if you could help to set up the stall and/or sell the cakes it would be greatly appreciated. All proceeds from cake sales go to the teachers so they can purchase extra resources for their classes.

Tea Towels - We have a small number of tea towels for sale left over from the 2019 fundraising project. We have now sold out of Year 5 but an additional Year 2 one has appeared mixed up with some of the others, so if you'd like to order please get in touch by replying to this email with your child's name and class and the year group you require. Each towel costs £4 each which drops to £3.50 each for orders of 4 or more.

Next FoBS Meeting - Our next meeting takes place from 7pm on 26 February in the Children's Centre meeting room.

FoBS Volunteers WhatsApp Group - If you think you might be able to spare a bit of time occasionally, even if it's only half an hour, why not join our Volunteers WhatsApp Group? Whenever we need people to lend a hand, be it helping to supply refreshments at a meeting or delivering leaflets to advertise our events, we post to the group and if you're available, you just let us know. No pressure! To join the group, simply reply to this email and include your name, child's name and class and your phone number.

Thanks for reading!


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